Hello G-Form!


I just got one of your phone cases at the Central Mass Downhill Festival and I am really stoked on the product! I was just hitting a gnarly 50mph+ downhill longboard run and I had a gnarly wreck. My shirt was ripped, and my pants were so torn that one of the rips went all the way through the pants and the internal pocket. This allowed my iphone to fly out and tumble down the road. After I got up and brushed myself off, I went looking for my phone fearing the worst. When I found it up the road a little ways, I picked it up and it was fine and the G-Form case had only a few scratches! That thing save my phone and saved me a few hundred dollars that i would have spent getting a new one! I love your products and I just wanted to say keep up the great work! You people are rad!

Thanks again! -Will


Nikita Ducarroz, 18 year old female freestyle BMXer



Low profile, comfortable, and protective, G-Form is like a pad sent from heaven. With everything else evolving around us, it’s great to finally have pads that are evolving too. Gone are the days of having to wear big hardshell pads. Now I don’t have to sacrifice flexibility, in order to be protected. Honestly, it’s almost hard to believe it’s true! Switching from big, bulky pads, to thinking I had nothing on, I felt vulnerable. No sooner had I taken my first crash that night, I realized that I hadn’t felt a thing. That’s all it took to convince me, and I haven’t looked back since that day. I have been riding G-Form for about two years now, and I am constantly being stopped because people want to know about the pads I am wearing. G-Form is taking over BMX, and rightly so.


-Nikita Ducarroz



Sage Donnelly, National Champion Freestyle & Slalom Kayaker


This weekend, I put my Badfish MCIT inflatable SUP and G-Form elbow pads through the test!  I have used them both for about 9 months now, from class 2 rivers to class 5, and on steep creeks and rivers and have remained injury free. But this weekend I participated in a low water stand up paddle board (SUP) boardercross and slalom races in Kernville, CA. and it was FUN!  The low water made it so LOTS of rocks were exposed or just under the surface so the fins would catch and send you flying, but my G-Form kept my arms injury free and my MCIT kept me above a LOT of the rocks!  The boardercross was especially exciting since it involved 5 women on SUPs doing a mass start and mad dash down a small, bony, river channel.  I didn’t win, and I wasn’t last, but considering I was competing against former Olympic medal winners (Rebecca Giddens, silver medal in slalom, 2004)  and professional surfer Ax El, I think I did pretty well!  I look forward to a full season of SUPing, creeking and racing and testing the limits!


-Sage Donnelly, 12 year old National Champion Freestyle & Slalom Kayaker



Pro Downhill Skateboarder Ross Druckrey Reviews G-Form Pads



I wear G-Form Pads because they are light weight, comfortable, and offer a surprising amount of protection. Unlike traditional pads, they stay in place very well (and can actually be a bit difficult to pull of at times), so the only time I ever think about my G-Forms is right after a fall. I love the feeling of getting up after a hard crash and realizing that my pads did exactly what they were designed to do. Another benefit of G-Form pads is that they can be worn under clothing, leathers, and even fit under most traditional pads.

Having a good speed tuck is a very important part of being a successful downhill skateboarder. Because G-Forms are so flexible and low profile, they do not restrict your ability to fold your body into your smallest, most aerodynamic position. I have actually found that the knee pads make tucking more comfortable because they provide a cushion between the back of your front leg and your back knee.

I also wear my G-Forms when I am filming because they allow me to kneel on hard, rough, and uneven surfaces for extended periods of time without discomfort. There are a million uses for this incredible impact absorbing material and I can’t wait to see what else G-Form comes up with in the future.

- Ross Druckrey, Pro Downhill Skateboarder


G-Form Extreme Sleeve 7″ Review


Just wanted to give you guys some feedback on your product and my recent experience with it.  I bought a G form extreme sleeve 7 inch a little while back as I wasn’t happy with the protection level of a lot of the other cases out there for my Nexus 7 tablet. About a week after I got it, I was riding my motorcycle to work when a car pulled out in front of me. Needless to say, I went down pretty hard and rolled across the asphalt about 20 feet or so. I ended up shoe-less with a broken helmet when I finally came to rest. Other than a few scraps and bruises, I was fine. But the first thing I was worried about (after checking I still had all my limbs and was able to walk) was my tablet as I’m not a small guy and I had a feeling that all 200 pounds of me hitting the road with my tablet in my g form extreme case in my backpack was more then any product could be expected to protect. But I was amazed when I pulled it out of my backpack expecting to see shards of glass everywhere, and both the tablet and case where like nothing even happened.I rolled over a good amount of times so I know the case took some good hits but it did an incredible job of protecting my tablet.

I was so impressed I even showed some of the people who had seen what happened and stopped to check to see if I was ok and that my tablet had survived. I was so impressed I’m now saving up a little (after the bike repairs) to buy the Extreme Portfolio 7″ Tablet to add to my g form collection. I just wanted to give your company some feed back on how well this product really works.

And thank you for putting out such a great Product.



-Andreas Z.


Colton Satterfield, Pro BMX Rider



G-Form is plain and simply taking over the pad game in BMX and action sports as a whole. Everyone within BMX absolutely hates the big bulky pads. I have seen riders in the past resort to little volleyball kneepad and elbow pads just to get away from the bulky skateboard type. Ever since we all caught wind of G-Form though, it has all been over.

G-Forms are tight-fitting, super comfortable, lightweight, small, and best of all, extremely effective. The science that goes into each pad is truly ground breaking. How can such a small pad absorb that much energy? Truth is, you probably won’t even believe it until you try. The first time I fell on them, I cringed until I hit the ground, then stood up laughing – “You’re kidding.” From legends within BMX such as Cory Nastazio or new killers such as X Games Medalist Pat Casey, and many many more, I get asked one thing: “Where can I get those?” It’s like showing them a whole new world every time, haha! Within BMX now, the snowball effect has begun. They are simply that groundbreaking. They are simply that good.